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    X-55 Deadzones?....

    Hi All,

    For the X-55 users, do you have dead zones set up for your X-55 Rhino?

    I have been trying to AAR recently and to be honest I'm finding it extremely hard.

    Most likely it's just my inexperience but I was wondering if anyone has any tweaks they a they ghave for smoothness with the X-55?

    Or if anyone has any AAR tips as well?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hey ZeroCount,

    I own an X-55. Are you setting your dead-zones thru your HOTAS software or thru BMS? I personally set all my settings through BMS. The only dead-zone I set was "small" in the Y-axis. One other point, have you played around with the different "springs"?


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    I don't have the X-55 but I do have the Cougar FSSB and I have a 7% dead zone on both axis

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    I was setting it through the the MadCats software, should I not do that?? I had the "stiffest" spring on, I have brought that down to the next lowest. I will do a deadzone through BMS to see if that makes flying easier in AAR.

    Thanks for the help, will report back how that goes incase others get an X-55 in the future and run into the same issues.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

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