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    Motion for my VR simpit 6DoF

    Just need to add my chair and controller mounts, rudder mount, etc. The hard part is done.

    Six degrees of freedom (6DoF) Heave, Surge, Sway, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw.

    And yes, I did test it while sitting on it as well. I can only say Ouch and OUCH! Sway and Surge are very very fast

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    These movements were made using your HOTAS? Nice...!

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    Nope those were made by moving the test sliders back and forth, in game it will move according to telemetry from the plane.

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    Wife riding an old fashioned roller coaster

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    Anxiously waiting to see one of you flying some extreme flight maneuvers!

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    I have not done any videos flying on the edge yet but I did have a buddy ask for a video driving in a race game. Not easy to do with a joystick, throttle and rudder pedals All things considered; I did pretty well. Not my best time around that track though As you can see, I am a really big guy (6'4" @ 345lbs) and it bounced me around very well.

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    I like the "Holy S%&T" comment! That says it all about how your set up! Nice job!!

    "See ya around the pattern!"

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    I cut out the comments that were worse. This from a woman who NEVER says such things

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