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    I need new rudder pedals, anyone seen the new Thrustmaster Pendular's?

    Worse yet, has anyone seen the price?! 549.99....

    But I really like them.

    But I cannot afford them.

    So I built my own

    I started with a blueprint of the expensive stuff...

    Built everything in Solidworks first, makes it easy to make sure everything will fit.

    The electronics have worked out fantastic. I built linear sliding potentiometers using hall-effect IC's and a TeensyLC micro-controller. Adding capacitors between each analog input and ground gives the axis extremely smooth movement at 12bit 4096 steps.

    tprdiagram.jpgspur gear magnet mount.jpgprototype.jpgpotentiometer back plate hall effect mount.jpgpotentiometer assembly.jpgIMG_20190302_201913430.jpg
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    Finished product:


    Total price: 20.00 along with a bunch of spare parts and raw materials that I already had laying around.

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    Very nice Propnut! want to build me one for $20.00 By the way, where have you been. We have been flying DCS like madmen!

    "See ya around the pattern!"

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    Been flying the F5e and the huey a great deal, mostly on the F99th server

    I also fly with a discord group called "Casual Flyers" where I host a dedicated server(not that DCS actually has a dedicated server software regardless of that new webgui thing...grumble grumble grumble) for them with mostly cold war (1970s) planes.
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