As some of you know....I love the Escape series in ARMA. But for some reason...can no longer hook with Tool's server to play. Bummer. Been working on this problem, thought I'd share in case it helps anyone else.

I completely removed ARMA from my system, including all profiles, user files, etc. GONE !

Re-loaded it. Was then able to hook up to some of the official vanilla servers with no problems. "GREAT !" I thought. But no joy when I tried to hook up to Tool again.

Time to re-group. Turns out....ARMA is pretty picky about people not cheating. Each and every mod is digitally signed by the author, and if the client side does not match the server side, the server assumes you are CHEATING and boots you. So since I was messing around with my own versions of the Escape missions, I figured that was the problem.


Back to the drawing board.....

This time, I discover that my problem appears to be common. Lots of similar comments in the Workshop for the "CUP" mods. No resolution given though. So I am going to get them from Armaholic and see if that makes a difference. Pretty sure my version of the three CUP mods are not the same as Tools (even though it says they are)...especially since two of them show red dots when I attempt to connect to his server. No idea why, but hoping getting them from Armaholic will fix the issue.

Stay tuned for more...