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    Mouse No Longer Rotating Knobs

    I'm experiencing an issue with my mouse no longer rotating knobs. It worked previously and I'm not aware of any changes I've made that could have created the problem. The BMS.cfg file is set to "g_bMouseWheelKnobs 1". It isn't a mouse issue, because I have the same issue with a different mouse. I'm able to click in the cockpit, I just can't rotate the knobs.

    Is anyone aware of a solution other than doing a reinstall or deleting axismapping.dat and and resetting all axis-as someone else has suggested? My OS is Windows 10 and I'm using DonLDnk's profile for the TM Warthog.

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    Have you checked your mouse look setting in setup? I use my mouse wheel for mouse look zoom.

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    Yes, I've checked those settings on the View Control page of the Advanced Options. I use a slider on the throttle for in-cockpit zoom (FOV) and mouse wheel for external view zoom.

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    I managed to solve that problem, but created another. Now, using Target, I can't get the game to recognize the proper order of the controllers. Windows recognizes them in the correct order, but they get reversed in game. That is, when I go into setup, rudder pedals become controller 0 and Thrustmaster Combined becomes 1. If anyone has any ideas, fire away. Until then, I'm done with Target!

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    Quick question: Are you using TM Cougars or Warthogs??? Reason I ask, I've never had good luck with Target & Cougars...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose View Post
    ...I'm using DonLDnk's profile for the TM Warthog.
    Sorry-I just read this part of your 1st post. My advice would be moot.

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    Make sure to run target every time before you run BMS and keep it running. It will give your controllers the correct order every time. If you accidentally run BMS without target, it will mess up your axis too and you will need to back out. Start target, enter the sim, then reset your axis. The work around for the axis is to make a couple copies of your axis.dat file so you can replace the porked one occasionally.

    Once you get target set up, it is very stable. I use it to set the dx numbers on my controllers too so they are the same every time.

    For any other controllers not using target, make sure you don't unplug them or if you do, plug them back in, in the same order.

    There is a utility that you can download to fix your controller order if they get messed up. It is called Joy ID.

    Another thing to watch is your power saving modes in windows. They tend to power down usb controllers and mess up the order. I have had to turn that off and only allow windows to turn off my monitor.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, TeeSquare. The controller order is accurate, as checked in dxdiag, both before and after running target. However, when I open BMS, it doesn't recognize them in the correct order, so I can't set them up the way I want them in Advanced Options.

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    I found a solution that seems to have solved my target issue regarding the order of the controllers in BMS. Run the target script. Enter "joy.cpl" in search. If the virtual controller is not on top, unplug whatever controller is on top and plug it into a different USB port and it should then appear below the virtual controller.

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