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    BMS extraction

    OK. For those of you that did not read my other post, I have had the unfortunate task to reload my entire OS and reinstall BMS. I fortunately have gotten all my screens up and running using Eyefinity but can not extract my previous items(MFD's, RWR and DED) using BMS extractor. The problem is not having the actual windows open on the right monitor but they stay "white" when in game. The windows are there. They are just not producing any graphics. Anyone know what could be the problem? I originally set them up so long ago I cant remember if I ran into this problem before or not. Thanks for the help.

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    I could only find a few things. It sounds like you already set cockpit displays to external windows in configurator.

    One guy had one MFD that didnt work because he had his nvidia profile set to start with the launcher.exe file in lieu of the BMS file. He changed this and then the MFD started working.

    Are you maybe extracting the wrong MFD's? Double check that it is 1 and 2 and not 3 or 4.

    Then there is the advice for new installs. After new install you need to go to DTC dialog in any TE or campaing mision and on MODES tab hit RESET button to load up MFD config defaults as seen on pic bellow. I guess they are blank until you use one of your files or hit the reset button to get it to load defaults.

    I will keep looking if i have time. That is all I could find for now.

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