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    I Have A Classic Recording of Strafing Training Presented by Thumper...

    Hi, Wingies.

    Thumper was an excellent Flight and Fight instructor, and these 3 recordings is a part of that training, captured through TeamSpeak, and I'd estimate the recording date to be in or near the year 2002. The techniques discussed are still relevant today. I attempted to upload here, however this site doesn't accept .wav files in the uploads... so all 3 recordings will be posted to my YouTube channel.


    OKAY! UPdate: YouTube now has the first of 3 files for your listening pleasure. Salute! Bear
    Strafing Part 1

    Update #2: Part 2 of the Strafing Instruction by Thumper, 63rd VFS
    Strafing Part 2

    Update #3: Part 3 of the Strafing Instruction Instruction by Thumper, 63rd VFS
    ]Strafing Part3
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