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    A Letter From QuickDraw

    Hi Brothers.

    Fourteen years ago, QuickDraw (Eugene Hayes) and I were two of the three or four remaining Ducks still flying an earlier version of BMS. I was CO of the 309th, and QD was my Wingman. We are a couple of "old guys" (literally). I hadn't heard from him or reached out to him since 2015 (thanks to a few computer and life changes), but I discovered a saved email folder a few days ago and reached out to let him know that I was thinking of him. In the hope that you can mention him in your prayers, here is his response.

    ~BearForce 309th

    Eugene Hayes

    Sun, Dec 27 at 3:24 PM

    Great to hear from you, BF. I too am beginning to look like a geezer and feel like one as well. Maybe we should form the Geezer Squadron? Just turned 74 in October. I'd love to get back to flying, but, unfortunately, my computer would not support the sim.

    With regards to my health, I still have some ominous hurdles to clear. An aneurysm has been growing in my abdominal aorta and will have to be repaired surgically. The surgeon says it could be risky because of the possibility of complications during surgery. However, I figure that I am pretty tough having died twice last year while undergoing a biopsy that turned out negative. No, I didn't see any bright light at the end of a tunnel, but I made it through and woke up in the ICU at the VA Hospital in Miami. I also survived a stroke a couple years ago which only affected the sensitivity to touch on my left side. Otherwise, I am mobile, no problem with speech, and I am not drooling down my cheek.

    In March 2017, I lost my wife, Denise, to cancer. It was a long hard battle for her that lasted more than a year. It was heart-breaking watching her waste away to nothing. After Denise died, I accepted my sister's offer to move in with her. It was hard adjusting to not having Denise with me every day, but now, I have become acclimated to being single again, and I don't think I want to change that anymore.

    Sorry about all the downsides of the past few years. If I can ever get a computer capable of running the F16 sim, I will be back in the saddle flying on your wing. Promise not to fire in Sidewinders at you. Can't promise that I will not take out churches and residential areas though since my eyesight is not as good as it was. But I will be there trying my best to support the mission.

    Great to hear from you, BF, and I hope that all is going well for you and your family. Please give my fondest regards to Cougar (last time I checked, he was the Wing Commander), and Bones as well as the entire Wing. I didn't recognize anyone else on the roster.

    Gene "QuickDraw" Hayes
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    That’s awesome. Sorry to hear about past events but we are here for him whenever he needs it. If he wants to check in on current events or talk on discord we are available there too. Best wishes QD.

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    QuickDraw was before my time here. Hoping for his health to improve. He is welcome to fly with us any time.

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    Hi Bear,

    I'm new here and geezer-ish myself. I started flying Falcon 4 when it first came out, then joined the 209th Deltahawks. I too recently returned to simulation flying and joined the 308th. Jolly and I fly every week at least once a week.

    Quickdraw reminds me of Lou "Yoda" Mayers. Lou retired from the 209th and work in late 02 if memory serve. He came by the bunker a couple times, then we heard the bad news. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It took him only months later. I miss him and Vibe another westward Deltahawk.

    On a positive note, I'm happy to help Quickdraw get a workable BMS computer. I just need to know what he has from his old machine. Let me know what I can do to help.

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    Hey Bear, Thank you for the post and info on Quickdraw. So sorry to hear of the things he has experienced, especially the loss of his wife. I remember flying with him back in the day. Please tell Quick Straw (lol) that Figmo says hello.

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