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    For those of you who don't have Tacview, it is currently 40% off at their web site.

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    Plus there is a latest version (1.8.3) as of 1 May 2020, for those of us who have been procrastinating in updating. Release notes FEATURES & CHANGES ADDED Static Object Injector addon to easily add static objects in Tacview world ADDED Track Injector addon to create flights from waypoints ADDED numerous objects and 3D models to the database ADDED IL-2 Arras elevation map ADDED support for DCS World submarines ADDED new keyboard shortcuts to inject bookmarks in DCS World ADDED longitudinal and lateral accelerations (g-force) ADDED support for routes and waypoints for GPX files ADDED support for DRX Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) static objects ADDED support for WebP for custom terrain textures ADDED support for non spherical engagement ranges ADDED support for inactive SAM/AAA sites (radar on/off) ADDED support for simpler event-log sheets (timeout+callsign+event) ADDED an option to auto hide latitude/longitude coordinates whenever bullseye coordinates are present ADDED support for Shift + PgUp / PgDown to move quickly +/- 10 seconds in time ADDED support for more exotic characters in latitude & longitude coordinates ADDED /Fullscreen command line option to start Tacview in fullscreen mode IMPROVED impact effects are now more transparent so we can still see concerned objects IMPROVED direction vector length to be proportional to the corresponding object speed IMPROVED fast forward speeds to better match other debriefing tools (x3/x5/x10/x20) IMPROVED support for csv files such as granular data from Flightradar24 IMPROVED support of wrongly formatted date/time in GPX files IMPROVED anti-aircraft engagement range display in satellite/orthogonal view IMPROVED support of static objects from KML files IMPROVED handling of carriage return characters when importing telemetry files IMPROVED Database Builder to automatically refresh Tacview database after each save IMPROVED media windows now display only file names without path in their title FIXES FIXED charts auto-scale was not always correct FIXED the event-log importer to work regardless of the user regional settings in Windows FIXED rare crash when manually removing objects from the world FIXED crash in Database Builder add-on caused by duplicate entries FIXED could not add waypoints via the add/edit dialog box FIXED pilots not properly exported for DCS World Harrier & M2000
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