News Flash 04-15-2013

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Seoul (AP) -- Today, sirens went off after North Korea launched a missile. It was later learned this was a test launch of their new missile that has a range of 2,500 miles. Long enough to hit targets in the US. When the North launched the missile, the forces in the South started launching aircraft. After the shoot down of four North Korean TU-95 bombers, tension on the peninsula is high.

Navel ships in the gulf quickly realized that it was just a test fire, but watched and recorded telemetry of the test flight for further analysis.

The young North Korean dictator continues to blame the current situation on the military stance of the United States forces along with its South Korean allies. After the exercises on the eastern part of the country have concluded, it was thought that the rhetoric coming out of Pyongyang would subside. It appears that Kim-Jung-UN has ratcheted it up a few notches.

Airborne radar has been reporting increased air activity on the other side of the border and JSTARS has been reporting a lot of ground movement. Intelligence doesn't know if this is a signal of an attack from the North or if they themselves are conducting military exercies in response.