Lessons to be learned

Russian Invade Ukraine

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Don't you just love it when a sovereign country gets taken over by another much stronger country. It reminds us of the world war II era. Oh yes, I'm not old enough to have been apart of the WW II guys but, my father was. My father didn't fight the Germans, he fought the Japanese at Okinawa. He was a 2nd lieutenant for the marines when they stormed the beaches there. He never talked about those days much but, I have read enough to know, it was pure HELL. Now let's see, what was that war about.? Oh yes, the Germans took over another much weaker country. Hmmmm, Americans really got pissed off at the Germans, wonder why we are not pissed off now. Oh yes, OUR GOVERNMENT AS OF LATE. Sing it. The Russians have for the most part, given us the middle finger. Yes, Putin thinks America is week, well from my old eyes, he right. Some of the things that are going on these days just blow me away. Anyways, just though I would start a blog about what on my mind today. It is not my intent to make this a political blog but, just air your brain out
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