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    A Letter From QuickDraw

    Hey Bear, Thank you for the post and info on Quickdraw. So sorry to hear of the things he has experienced, especially the loss of his wife. I remember

    Figmo 01-03-2021, 16:05 Go to last post
    Maestro 209

    A Letter From QuickDraw

    Hi Bear,

    I'm new here and geezer-ish myself. I started flying Falcon 4 when it first came out, then joined the 209th Deltahawks. I too recently

    Maestro 209 01-03-2021, 14:47 Go to last post

    A Letter From QuickDraw

    QuickDraw was before my time here. Hoping for his health to improve. He is welcome to fly with us any time.

    TeeSquare 01-01-2021, 18:40 Go to last post



    Thanks to all for helping out with the testing. Maestro & I have determined that his server(s) are a viable option

    Jolly 12-31-2020, 16:52 Go to last post

    A Letter From QuickDraw

    That’s awesome. Sorry to hear about past events but we are here for him whenever he needs it. If he wants to check in on current events or talk

    Cougar 12-30-2020, 16:16 Go to last post

    A Letter From QuickDraw

    Hi Brothers.

    Fourteen years ago, QuickDraw (Eugene Hayes) and I were two of the three or four remaining Ducks still flying an earlier version

    Bear 12-30-2020, 14:41 Go to last post

    The Vault

    "The Vault" is a threat guide for BMS. It has been updated for BMS 4.35 dated 12/20/20 and can be downloaded from the link below:

    TeeSquare 12-29-2020, 19:20 Go to last post



    Sorry to say that the server is down for the time being. Apparently "10 year old" hardware doesn't withstand

    Jolly 12-29-2020, 13:00 Go to last post
  • From the Commander

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    Our look has changed, but our mission has not. This Wing is dedicated primarily to bring people together who share the same interest: playing a flight simulation that we all enjoy. Our goal here in the 56th is geared toward having fun flying online. We are all here to help each other learn this simulation, and to have fun doing so. All of our pilots each have their specialty so do not hesitate to ask questions when they arise. If you want a place where you're able to fly, learn, meet great people, make friends, and most importantly have fun, then we encourage you to look into our site. Here you will find the greatest virtual pilots to fly with! Passion for flying, passion for fun!
  • Training


    • Training in the 56th VFW is done through each squadron. Squadrons create their own training program which is schedule through the squadron leadership.

    • The 56th VFW, as a whole, does not have a training program. This is to allow squadrons within the wing to train their pilots the way the squadron flies. It also gives each squadron the ability to create their own tactics which they are allowed to keep within the squadron.

    • If new pilots would like help mastering BMS or DCS, all they have to do is contact their squadron leadership or post on the forum scheduling pick-up/training flights. The 56th VFW training is all OJT.

  • Squadron Flight Times

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    56th VFW Pilot Recruiting: OPEN


    63rd Panthers:  Tuesday at 8:00 PM PST/0400Z

    308th Emerald Knights:  Friday at 8:00 PM MST/0300Z

    309th Wild Ducks:  Tuesday & Sunday at 8:30 PM EST/0030Z

    (flys DCS Open Beta)

    310th TopHats:  Sat & Sun at 8:00 AM EST/1200Z

    (currently beta testing)

  • Personal Updates

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    4 Aug 18
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    8 Aug 18
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