• Code of Conduct

    The following is the Rules Of Conduct for the 56th Fighter Wing.
    All members of the 56th are expected to read this Rules Of Conduct and agree to it's content and intent and adhere to it.

      It is your responsibility as a member of the 56th to know who your leaders are. It is not the intention of higher ranking officers to take the fun out of the game by constantly barking out orders. We are all here to play the game with teamwork and have fun.

      Participation in squad activities or matches against other squads, is why we are here. If you don't participate, you will not advance. In other words non participants will be placed on inactive status, and will not be promoted. You will also risk being removed from the roster.
      To remain active in the 56th, you must participate in at least ONE every two weeks, unless you clear it with the CO or XO of your squadron. This flight can be with ANY higher ranking officer. It does NOT have to be a "scheduled" flight. If you go more than 2 weeks WITHOUT being in at least one flight, you will be put on INACTIVE STATUS. You will remain on Inactive Status a period of 30 days. If you can't squeeze in a flight in that 30 days, you will be dismissed from the 56th.

      Treat other players as you would like them to treat you. There may come a time when the guy you ragged on becomes a member of the squad. It won't help the 56th if you become confrontational with other players. Making rude comments or accusations of other players is looked down upon. Remember, your attitude reflects on our squad, so be nice! If you get mad, walk away. There will be times that we compete against other squads in matches so don't be a bragging winner or a sore loser about victories or loses. No one wants to play against those people. Do not get into flame wars on the community forums or the local wing forums. It makes us all look bad.

      *Note: If you want to fly a mission with another squadron or Wing while a member of 56th, You must clear it with Your Commanding Officer. As a pilot in the 56th, your loyalty & dedication is to be to the 56th. If that interferes with your participation in the 56th, you will be asked to make a choice between the two.

      As a member of the 56th your reputation as a player reflects on the wing as a whole. The reputation of the wing also reflects on it's members. So conduct yourself with respect and restraint. Save your hostility for the game. If there are ANY reports of 56th Pilots not conducting themselves with the highest standards, you will be asked to explain it to the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer of your Squadron. Then the CO & XO will decide whether you will continue in the 56th.

      It is very important that each and every member of the wing assist each other. If a member asks for your help in polishing his skills, help him. If you have any particular skills or tactics that might benefit other wing members, share them! If you have a better way of doing something, don't hesitate to tell your CO.

      We don't require it, but it would be appreciated if you add your squadron number to your name on TeamSpeak (example- Casual 310th).
      If you have any problems with these rules, please see your Commanding or Executive Officer.

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