• 310th Tophats

    Welcome to the Home of the 310th VFS Tophats!

    310th Online Requirements
    Falcon 4.0 Patch Requirements: The 310th currently flies Falcon BMS 4.34 for all 310th flights. The flights are on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 AM EST. We usually do 2 flights on Saturday and 1 flight on Sunday.
    Internet Connections: Because of data share problems and game instability caused by dial up connections, the 310th highly recommends that its members have DSL or Cable internet connections.

    310th History
    The 310th "Tophats" Virtual Fighter squadron was founded by Casual and Headhunter back in January of the year 2000. Although the 310th was a stand-alone squadron at first, it became the founding squadron of the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing as more pilots joined. At that point, Headhunter became CO of the 310th so that Casual could run the 56th Wing. Since that time, our great friend Casual passed away. We miss him dearly but continue the 310th in his great legacy. The 310th was founded with the idea that it would be a kind of "Island of fun" among all of the uptight virtual squadrons that were available at the time. You see, the 310th does not load you down with a bunch of rules and regulations that we thought might suck the fun out this great simulation. We don't require you to train or practice to fly with us. We don't wage war on other virtual squadrons. All of that is a little to "Hardcore" for us. We do have a few rules, but they are easy to live with. They are more common sense really. Apparently our lighthearted approach to doing this stuff has struck a chord with the virtual pilots out there because the 56th has been growing while other online groups have fallen by the wayside. If you would like to be a "Tophat", feel free to apply. We would love to have you along with us on one of our weekly flights over dangerous lands.

    310th Flight Objectives (listed in order of importance):
    1. For all pilots to safely land in their original plane.
    2. For all pilots to safely land in their original plane. (listed twice on purpose!)
    3. For the package to successfully destroy its assigned target.

    "Rules" To ensure that the 310th Flight objectives are met:
    1. Accept and carry out the mission role assigned to you by the flight/package leader.
    2. Stay in close formation with your flight and package. When a plane strays from the package, he not only puts himself at risk, he jeopardizes the entire flight. Specifically, this means the following:
    a. Listen to and obey the commands of the flight leader. Ask for clarification if you don't understand him.
    b. Follow the pre-assigned flight plan steerpoints.
    c. Keep your airspeed "on the caret" to ensure that everyone arrives at the next steerpoint exactly on scheduled time.
    d. Do not leave your flight plan unless your flight leader asks you to. The last thing we care about is who gets the most MIG kills. The best way to survive enemy encounters is if everyone cooperates and stays together.
    3. Avoid enemy air and ground threats if possible. Engage only if necessary. Notice that destroying MIG's is not listed as a flight objective. Remember we want everyone to make it safely back to base after destroying the primary target. Unless destroying MIG's or SAM's is the primary objective of the flight, engaging them could put your or your squad members in harm's way.

    310th Tophats Pilot Roster


    Tony "Wingnut" Shoemaker
    310th FS CO
    Tom "Hammer" Dussinger
    310th FS XO/Flight Lead
    310th FS Fighter Pilot


    J "Headhunter" S Gregory
    310th FS CO (Emeritus) and 56th VFW Co-Founder


    Brain "Iceman" Dussinger
    Fighter Pilot

    In Memory

    The late Don "Casual" Cashon
    Founder of the 56th VFW
    The late Brian "Ghostrider" Coffrin
    Former Virtual Fighter Pilot
    The late Stan "Reaper" Baranski
    Former Virtual Fighter Pilot

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