• 63rd Panthers

    Welcome to the Home of the 63rd VFS!

    The 63rd Virtual Fighter Squadron is part of the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing. Our group based itself loosely on the real life 56th Fighter Wing located at Luke AFB Arizona. We have absolutely no affiliation with the real 56th or the USAF. The Panthers use Falcon 4.0, to conduct a multitude of varying virtual flight operations. Formed and activated in the fall of 2000, the 63rd Panthers are the 56th VFW's second oldest squadron.

    Our goal is to fly realistically but in a relaxed and friendly manner, with emphasis put on having fun flying and training more than overly "hardcore" expectations. We like to keep things casual while maintaining high realism, flight discipline and unparallel training. The 63rd Panthers are interested in pilots who are dedicated to becoming the best virtual combat pilot possible, who want to be a member of a tight knit highly trained team, and can commit to flying our scheduled combat and training flights every week.

    Currently the Panthers weekly official SQ flight is on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), 03:00AM GMT (the following day). The Panthers also have a regularly scheduled training flight at least once a week. No experience is required to join our ranks. We look for dedication, loyalty, a good attitude, focus, willingness to train hard, and above all a friendly personality. All new applicants will go through an initial trial period to see if you're the type of Pilot we're looking for. Again this process has nothing to do with experience level, but everything to do with your desire to fly realistically and train hard, compatibility with our group, and your desire to learn to be among the best virtual fighter pilots in the world by learning your aircrafts flight capabilities, it's systems, and how to skillfully attack both on the ground and in the air. This is a process that takes many months and years of hard work and dedication.

    While training is not required to be able to fly in the 56th VFW, the Panthers have a rigorous voluntary training program. We take training very seriously. As a group the Panthers have decided to set goals for ourselves that include striving to be the best virtual Viper drivers and all round combat pilots possible. We train very hard to meet those goals. As mentioned previously this training is voluntary for all Panthers, however your likelihood of being added to our roster is directly related to your desire to train.

    If you are interested in joining our ranks please visit the recruiting link and our website at

    Historically the Panthers are known for their mixed Air to Ground and Air to Air capability. The 63rd also has the distinction of producing several Commanders for the 56th. Panic, Tank, Buzz, Thumpper, Air Bear & General all served or started out as Panthers. The Squadron takes great pride in their ability to strike and decimate difficult ground targets consistently and precisely, while simultaneously neutralizing any and all air threats. 63rd pilots are known for their command and understanding of their aircraft and its systems, as well as those of the enemies they face and for the tactics and intense training they employ and practice.

    This precedent was set forth and fostered early on by Panic, Tank and Thumpper. Their vision and leadership has stood the Panthers in good stead to this day. Panthers (and ex-Panthers) are widely regarded and respected for their teamwork, training, knowledge, tactics, and expertise. The 63rd has a "rough around the edges" feel. At times the almost nonchalant zeal with which the attack might be confused for reckless abandon. Make no mistake, this squad is tight and attacks in a well orchestrated, and well executed, flurry of intensely overwhelming force.

    The 63rd uses Falcon BMS 4.34 as their patch of choice, and In-Game Voice Comms as their primary comms with Team Speak as the back up. The 63rd currently flies on Tuesday at 7:00 pm PDT.

    63rd Panthers Pilot Roster


    Joshua "Cougar" Sims
    56th VFW CC/Flight Leader
    Edward "Figmo" Bowers
    Flight Leader
    Rob "Scoob" Muscoby
    Flight Leader
    63rd VFS CO/Flight Leader
    63rd VFS XO/Flight Leader
    Keith "Drac" Rachel
    Flight Lead
    Flight Leader
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot


    Matthew "Thumpper" Yarbrough (Emeritus)
    CO 63rd FS& 56th VFW / Squadron & Wing Leader


    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    Fighter Pilot
    63rd VFS Flight Leader
    Fighter Pilot
    Element Leader
    Fighter Pilot

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