• About Us

    Who we are

    • The 56th Virtual Fighter Wing has been amongst the Falcon community for nearly 2 decades. Pilots within the wing and pilots who decide to join have been dedicated and have a desire to learn this awesome sim. The immersion that Falcon BMS has provided the flight sim community has been one that the community just can not put down. For 2 decades Falcon 4.0 has been a flight sim that has undergone upgrades and add-ons to keep bringing the community back.

    • The 56th has always been a part of the Falcon community and will continue to do so. We, at the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing, are a relaxed group of virtual pilots who have a strong sense of professionalism, camaraderie for years even after we are no longer able to fly due to real life events, perform excellence in our mission here and provided a relaxed and fun flying atmosphere. The 56th VFW has been a second family to some if not all who have joined. The camaraderie that the wing has within it is the strongest I have ever seen in my 20 years of online flying. The 56th Virtual Fighter Wing is an inspirational wing full of fun and excitement in the virtual skies of Falcon BMS, DCS and on the virtual battlefield of Arma.

    • The mission of the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing is to provide the best combat support in all mission none from the air to ground missions of CAS, SEAD, DEAD, and Strikes to the virtual dogfights in air to air thru Escorts, CAPs, DCAs and Sweep missions in all weather day or night.....anytime.....anywhere. Experience and prior trainining are not required to join the ranks.

    Our History

    • The wing first started with the 310th Virtual Fighter Squadron. As pilots from the community, joined the wing, the 310th VFS had to be split into other squadrons; hence the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing was formed. The 56th Virtual Fighter Wing also formed the 63rd Panthers, the 309th Wild Ducks, and the 308th Emerald Knights. These 4 squadrons made up the 56th. As Falcon received updates and more virtual fighter wings were formed, the 56th also received more pilots. In approximately 2003 to 2004, members of the 29th VFW came to the 56th VFW and formed the 425th Fighter Squadron. Sadly the 425th Fighter Squadron disbanded approximately a year or 2 later. In 2005, the 56th VFW activated the 21st fighter squadron, but it was deactivated in December of 2006.

    • The 56th has flown the following installs: Falcon 4.0 RP5, SP3, SP4 series, CobraOne series, Freefalcon series, Openfalcon 4.5, Falcon BMS 4.32 and now Falcon BMS 4.33

    • Over the years, the 56th VFW has seen pilots come and go, but it still strives on to be one of the best virtual fighter wings in the Falcon community. We test all our installs that we are going to adopt to the wing because of multiplayer stability. Nothing in Falconland is more frustrating than getting ready to take-off and have 2 or more pilots have multiplayer issues due to a bad install. That is why we test as hard as we do before we adopt an install to the wing.

    • The 56th VFW has recently adopted other platforms to the wing. We have a group of guys who enjoy taking to the virtual battleground playing Arma as well as another flight sim platform, taking to the virtual skies in DCS.


    • The history and all of the platforms....Falcon BMS, DCS and Arma...bring the 56th Virtual Fighter Wing together. If you want a place where you're able to fly, learn, meet great people, make friends, and most importantly have fun, then we encourage you to look into our the wing. Here you will find the greatest virtual pilots to fly with!

    Passion for flying, passion for fun!

  • About the 56th VFW