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  1. News Flash 04-15-2013

    Seoul (AP) -- Today, sirens went off after North Korea launched a missile. It was later learned this was a test launch of their new missile that has a range of 2,500 miles. Long enough to hit targets in the US. When the North launched the missile, the forces in the South started launching aircraft. After the shoot down of four North Korean TU-95 bombers, tension on the peninsula is high.

    Navel ships in the gulf quickly realized that it was just a test fire, but watched and recorded ...
  2. Breaking news

    Seoul (AP) -- Today four TU-95 bombers from North Korea were shot down today close to Seoul. Air Defenses are on high alert and the South Korean Air Force are flying patrols north of Seoul.

    The bombers crossed the DMZ around 2:30 this afternoon. They were intercepted by USAF F-16's and they tried forcing them back north. All the previous incursions the bombers complied and returned north. This time, they ignored the warnings, both over the radio, hand guesters, and force from ...
  3. North Korea Update 04-14-2013

    Seoul (AP) -- The South Korean government has released a statement today that they have been intercepting bombers from the DPRK that have crossed over the DMZ. There have been multiple crossing over the past two weeks of North Korean Bombers crossing over into the South. F-16's from Osan were scrambled to intercept the bombers on each incursion.

    The pilots of the F-16's who intercepted the bombers reported that each time, crew members would wave and show pictures out the view ports. ...
  4. News flash 04-08-2013

    Seoul (AP) - Pyongyang announced the movement of its nuclear units to the eastern coast of North Korea today. Kim-Jung-UN stated that the movement was in retaliation for the exercise currently on going with the United States and South Korea. The President of North Korea along with his Generals believe that these exercises are a prelude to war. Also, the young dictator also wants to prove to his Generals that he has the will power to keep his country communist.

    The reactions out ...

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  5. South Korea Warns Visitors To Leave Dated 04-10-2013

    Seoul (AP) - Today the government of South Korea warned all of the foreign nationals that they should consider leaving South Korea for their own safety. The government of the South is ratcheting up the alertness of their military in the anticipation of an attack from North Korea.

    The young leader in Pyongyang has announced that there is a state of war with the South. He continues to move his military closer to the Demilitarize zone which is causing concern here in Seoul. The ...

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