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  1. 24 Hours Still No Word

    LONDON (AP) - It has been more than 24 hours since the signing of the US-Russian agreement on the Syrian chemical weapons. Reports out of Damascus indicates that Al Assad is in consultation with his advisors for the response, but nothing has been confirmed.

    While the US still continues to shift military assets into the area in the event that the military option is used. Russia is also repositioning its military assets.

    Israel has been consulted and has given its assurances ...
  2. US/Russia Complete Syrian Chemical Weapons Agreement

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Today the US and Russian came to an agreement on Syrian's chemical weapons. Secretary of Defense Kerry came to the podium and stated:

    "Syria has two days to provide a list of all their chemical weapons, the type, and their location within two days or pay the consequences..."

    No word from Damascus as yet.

    It is believed that if the Syrian government does not give an accountability to both Russian and the United States within the next ...

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    21 Sep 2013 Wing Flight
  3. New to 56th Fighter Wing

    I am currently running Falcon 4.32 with 6 updates. Will that be the correct format?
  4. Update 6

    Is U6 working ok for everybody...any issues? I will be out of pocket again this Friday night...formal function to attend.
  5. North korea uses nuclear weapons

    Washington (AP) -- The North Koreans have used nuclear weapons on Seoul South Korea. At approximately 2:37am Washington time reports came over the wire that a large explosion with a bright light and mushroom cloud could be seen and heard on the peninsula. Confirmed reports indicate nuclear radiation around the area of Seoul.

    Several US installations were badly damaged or destroyed with this blast. There has been no communication with Osan AFB since the blast. The US Army camps ...
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