Lessons to be learned

I have learned how to place a Harms Air to Ground Missile with the help of Bones. All the guys I have met are great, some very professional and some very on the know and funny. There are still a lot of lessons to be learned if I can just remember to set MY MASTER ARMS TO ON

  1. BMS extraction

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    I could only find a few things. It sounds like you already set cockpit displays to external windows in configurator.

    One guy had one MFD that didnt work because he had his nvidia profile set to start with the launcher.exe file in lieu of the BMS file. He changed this and then the MFD started working.

    Are you maybe extracting the wrong MFD's? Double check that it is 1 and 2 and not 3 or 4.

    Then there is the advice for new installs. After new install you
  2. Russian Invade Ukraine

    Don't you just love it when a sovereign country gets taken over by another much stronger country. It reminds us of the world war II era. Oh yes, I'm not old enough to have been apart of the WW II guys but, my father was. My father didn't fight the Germans, he fought the Japanese at Okinawa. He was a 2nd lieutenant for the marines when they stormed the beaches there. He never talked about those days much but, I have read enough to know, it was pure HELL. Now let's see, what was that war about.? Oh ...
  3. Battle For Balkans

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    How much disk space does this theater take up?

    I've got about 1.2GB left and wondering if this will fit.
    You have 400 GB you must use a lot of disk space, WOW!!!!
  4. New to 56th Fighter Wing

    I am currently running Falcon 4.32 with 6 updates. Will that be the correct format?